Meet Ezra


Ezra knows he is constantly learning from horses and other horse people, and that creating a true partnership with the horse is a lifelong process.

Ezra Marrow has spent much of his life around horses, starting with his first horse (a Shetland pony) when he was 6 years old.  He began mastering his skills more than 20 years ago managing a 2500 acre horse ranch in Southern Colorado, where he worked with over 70 horses and guided hundreds of people into the Rocky Mountains and Mexico.

Over the past 18 years he has worked with a wide range of equine disciplines and breeds in his own horsemanship business, gaining a loyal following of students throughout the United States and into Canada. Although Ezra has drawn on the techniques of other teachers and trainers in the development of his own philosophy, he does not subscribe to a specific “doctrine”. His strength as a teacher, his masterful horsemanship, and deep love of horses affords his clients the opportunity to create a powerful, lasting relationship with their horse. He thoroughly enjoys working with and sharing with people the gift of the horse.

Ezra is also an originator in equine guided education, a modality that offers personal development and transformational trainings utilizing a unique equine guided teaching process that provides profound and immediate results in all areas of people’s lives. This personal growth work focuses on helping people create an effortless, lasting partnership with their horses so they can regain the joy, trust and excitement in their equine relationships! 

Ezra and his wife Briana live in the Sierra foothills of California with their twin daughters.