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Judy A.

“Ezra is the finest, most powerfully transformative horseman and leader I have ever worked with. I am so thankful for all he has given to me, he is extraordinary as a teacher.”

Charlotte F.

“The help that you offered me and my horse has continued to impact our relationship, as it should, from the ground up. And for this I’m extremely grateful. Thank you for the knowledge you offer to those committed, and courageous enough to really listen. You changed the course of our lives, and there’s just no words for that…only actions! Everything in life has a tipping point, and Ezra was that tipping point. It’s that simple.”

Bonnie F.

“My retirement dream is to ride and show in Dressage. Last year I bought a big beautiful flashy Warmblood and fell in love, but I quickly realized that I couldn’t handle this sensitive, spooky 17.2 hand beauty. I questioned my dream and considered selling my horse before I got hurt… it was a depressing time. Ezra saved my dream and I can’t put into words how thankful I am!!!”

Jan B., DVM

“Several years ago I impulsively purchased a 4 year-old Arabian gelding who had lived his previous life entirely on a race track and really didn’t know much of anything except how to go very fast.  Although he had a sweet disposition and a desire to please, he definitely needed someone to teach him beginning with the basics such as ground manners, respect, transitions, listening, and going peacefully onto and off the trailer. After a few near disasters in the saddle, I began looking for professional help. A friend recommended Ezra, and he is truly everything I could want in a trainer/instructor.  He is knowledgeable, dependable, approachable, skilled, and very patient. Extremely important to me is that Ezra is gentle and kind with my horse and yet achieves amazing results. It is obvious that he genuinely cares. Ezra has helped us establish mutual trust and a healthy, positive relationship. Every dollar I have spent has been well invested.”

Sue T., Grand Prix Dressage Trainer

“I have been riding and training dressage horses over 25 years, have trained 9 horses to the grand prix level and am a USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist since 1989. I hired Ezra to start two of my 3 year old horses and was so very pleased with the results. One horse was not even halter broke and in 5 sessions with Ezra he was quiet enough for me to walk and trot him on my own. I was not familiar with the natural horsemanship method of training until I started working with Ezra and I have happily incorporated some of the ideas into my dressage training. Ezra is always direct and fair in his training with my horses. I would gladly recommend him for any type of horse training.”

Lisa C.

“My experience was tremendous, providing instant results in the way I move through my life and the way I communicate with those around me.  Because of the active participation with your horse, you don’t just put the information away and forget about it, instead you have these tools and learnings in the palm of your hand. I hadn’t noticed all my limiting habits, until my horse reflected them back to me! I now challenge myself to stay conscious to these things. The results for me have been truly amazing, and they still continue.”

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Mimi V., DVM

“What impresses me most about Ezra is his empathy for both people and horses. He has the ability to consider and understand how another person or an animal feels and thinks. This deep level of understanding and appreciation allow him to guide people and their horses to new levels of partnership.”

Alicia F.

“Ezra brought me and my horse to a deep place of communication and understanding. His work has propelled my growth as a person and as a rider.”

Dana D.

“I met Ezra quite by accident, not looking for a trainer since I consider myself to be in that “club”, but after working with my new Peruvian Paso I felt stumped. I knew I needed more insight from someone who truly knows horses, not just a trainer who I could send her to and put 30 days on. When I met Ezra I was almost bursting with excitement because I knew this mare would have the help she needed! Now after working with him, this mare is a wonderful calm trail horse, she has the confidence to go anywhere I ask and the trust she gives me is pretty amazing. The process was inspiring and fulfilling, and a relief for me to finally be working with a real feeling, thinking horse. Ezra helped me forget some of the old ways I was taught and change my path, realizing how much more the horse knows me than I did him. Ezra is a true GEM and a gifted speaker with incredible insight into the horse’s mind. There is no need to look anywhere else for your horsemanship needs.”

Doug T.

“He helped me uncovered areas of my own behavior that needed attention. I was excited about exploring more deeply changes that I needed to make. Through a process of honest introspection, I was quickly able to focus on the areas that I wanted to improve, break through old habits, and resolve a number of life long issues that had always kept me from truly moving out of the past and into the present. I can say without a doubt that Ezra has blessed and improved my life deeply, and in many ways.”

Mindy L.

“Learning from Ezra dramatically increased the level of mutual trust and confidence I have with my horse. I am a more relaxed and confident rider, and I am truly enjoying my horse more than ever. It was his teaching that allowed me to realize my dream of competing in the 100 mile Tevis Endurance Race!”

Linda F.

“This work bridged a divine connection between me and my horse. It was this connection that allowed me to look within my soul through the eyes of the horse and find my peace. My highest recommendations.”